Ethris mRNA LNP Platform

Delivering the Future of RNA Medicine Today

Ethris has created a new path from genes to therapeutic proteins using its proprietary, non-immunogenic messenger RNA (SNIM mRNA) and lipidoid nanoparticle (SNaP LNP) technology platforms to discover, design and develop innovative therapies and vaccines. 

As an mRNA pioneer for more than a decade, our technologies enable the delivery of highly potent mRNA-based drug products precisely to multiple organs, including directly to the upper and lower respiratory tract via inhalation.

Ethris’ differentiated platforms produce drug candidates with superior thermostability, resistance to mechanical manipulation and are nebulizable at high throughput, without change in biophysical properties or potency. 

We are developing our first-in-class treatment for uncontrolled asthma patients while advancing our pipeline of mRNA-based protein replacement therapies with the ultimate goal of improving patients’ lives.

Ethris mRNA LNP Technology


Developing a multi-faceted, highly integrated technology platform suite

Ethris’ proprietary Stabilized Non-Immunogenic mRNA (SNIM® RNA) platform includes a toolbox of technologies to generate mRNA molecules that have low immunogenicity, maximum potency and superior production yields. 

Combined with our proprietary SNaP lipidoid nanoparticle (LNP) formulation platform and a highly versatile, multi-route, multi-cargo delivery platform, Ethris is advancing a broad pipeline of mRNA-based programs for asthma and rare respiratory diseases. 

Ethris Pipeline Therapeutics and Vaccines


Pioneering a novel class of mRNA products to meet global needs

Ethris’ primary focus is on the development of mRNA-based therapeutics for the treatment of respiratory and infectious diseases. With our lead candidate ETH47 we are tackling large indications such as uncontrolled asthma.

In addition, we are utilizing our technology platforms to generate protein replacement therapy candidates with an initial focus on rare genetic disorders such as primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) and pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (PAP).

Ethris mRNA LNP Biotech Jobs


Seizing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, reimagining therapeutics in a highly ambitious team

At Ethris, we are proud of our innovative technology and being at the forefront of a new therapeutic modality.

Currently, our team is comprised of over 70 employees with different cultural backgrounds bringing together their experiences from various fields and working towards developing the next generation of mRNA therapeutics and vaccines.

Join us as we advance our pipeline into clinical development and scale our next-generation genetic medicines LNP and mRNA platforms. 

Ethris mRNA LNP Partnering opportunities


Ethris’ goal is to become the leader in inhaled mRNA therapeutics. Ethris is seeking to forge strategic partnerships and licensing arrangements with companies that share our vision of advancing the development of innovative mRNA-based therapies and vaccines.